Mac Linux USB Loader 3.4.2 (9678) Torrent

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Mac Linux USB Loader Mac Free Download

Mac Linux USB Loader
Version: 3.4.2 (9678)
Size: 14.32 MB
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: 10.8+
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:

Mac Linux USB Loader 3.4.2 (9678)
Build with Xcode 9 from branch master of this Github Project :

Tested on macOS 10.13 only
If you have problems to open the app : control+clic > Open

What is Mac Linux USB Loader?

Mac Linux USB Loader allows you to create bootable live USB drives for Ubuntu and other Linux® distributions without burning a CD. It is similiar to other tools like unetbootin, but unlike those tools, bootable USB drives created with Mac Linux USB Loader can be booted on your Mac, and they also work on certain PCs as well.

The tool is necessary to make Linux® distributions boot that do not have EFI booting support. Many distributions started adding this with the release of Windows 8, but it has not been finalized and is still nonstandard by most distributions. Many common distributions are supported, like Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Mac Linux USB Loader Features

Mac Linux USB Loader is the only application that allows you to take an ISO disc image file of a Linux® distribution and make it boot on your Mac using EFI. It is open-source, and supports most of the major Linux® distributions in use today — including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Kali Linux, and more!

– Mac Linux USB Loader is easy to use, configure, and setup. It has a wide array of features all accessible from one central menu. Simply double-click on an option to get started. (If this window is hidden, you can show it again by selecting the appropriate option in the View menu.)

– Unlike nearly all other software to create a bootable Linux® USB, Mac Linux USB Loader features an extremely easy-to-use user interface. Choosing which USB device to install to is a trivial process, and for advanced users, the software even lets you choose what boot manager you wish to install on your USB.

– Mac Linux USB Loader gives you the same flexibility in setting up your USB drive as other major software, but without the myriad settings and buttons that make it impossible for novices to setup, configure, and use.

– Mac Linux USB Loader features an easy-to-use distribution downloader which lets you easily obtain copies of your favorite Linux® distribution from the Internet. Each distribution has one or more geographic mirrors, allowing you to obtain the ISO from a location close to you.

– Mac Linux USB Loader is powered by Enterprise, a custom boot manager designed to make it easier to boot Linux® on your PC or Mac. The program automatically installs Enterprise on your USB storage or external hard drive alongside your chosen Linux® distribution. No other software out there can do what Mac Linux USB Loader does — it has been the undisputed champion since 2012!

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