Corel Painter 2017 v16.0.0.400

Corel Painter 2017 v16.0.0.400 torrent for mac free download.

Corel Painter 2017 v16.0.0.400
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Size: 374 MB

Corel Painter 2017 v16.0.0.400 torrent for mac free download

What’s New


Texture Painting – Make any character, environment, or object literally come to life
Dab Stencils – Mask your brush dab berfore applying paint to the canvas
Glazing Brushes – Apply velvety, translucent paint transitions, just like the Renaissance masters
Interactive Gradient Tool – Edit color and opacity in the context of your painting, using the enhanced node control
Gradient Express Paint – Fill a gradient with rich, stroke-filled paint
Palette Drawers – Organize paletts and reduce clutter


Property Bar – Gain instant access to important brush controls
Brush Selector – Display the Brush Selector as a convenient panel
Dropper Tool – Get exactly the color you want, when you need it
Artist Layouts – Find all the essential tools for your particular workflow


Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.9.5 or later

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